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Support The Long Walk Home's programs and workshops, proven to reduce suicidality.

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Support The Long Walk Home's programs and workshops, proven to reduce suicidality.

Combating Veteran Suicide: The Long Walk Home's Mission.

In the harsh reality of Veteran life, we witness 18 to 40 Brave souls lost to suicide each day. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Veterans Administration and organizations such as The Long Walk Home, this number has decreased, marking a positive step forward. Yet, our unwavering mission continues until we achieve our ultimate goal: ZERO Veteran suicides.
Join us in shaping a future where our heroes no longer face this heartbreaking outcome.

The Long Walk Home, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, aids Veterans and their families in a safe, productive, and healthy transition to civilian life. Our programs and resources, proven to enhance lives and reduce suicidality, include the 10 Challenges to Service Program. This initiative pairs veterans and their loved ones with mentors, guiding them through challenges that heal, motivate, and engage individuals. Remarkably, 74% of those completing all challenges choose to remain in the program, as mentors.

All of our Mentors have gone through the program themselves, giving them insight into the obstacles that Veterans may face as they engage in the difficult introspection that the challenges demand. On average, participants report improvements in their stress management, sense of purpose, work/life balance, and even sleep.

As an additional resource, our organization frequently hosts ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) workshops, which are a proven method of reducing suicide. ASIST is taught by experienced professionals and gives trainees the skills they need to intervene and provide assistance when someone they know is at risk of suicide. In helping someone who is suicidal, participants of ASIST see their confidence raise from 35% to 100%, on average.

A price cannot be placed on the life on another human being, so The Long Walk Home is pleased to provide these services to veterans without charge and with a modest fee for their families. Sustaining our mission depends on the generosity of donors who align with our commitment to supporting Veterans and diminishing the risk of suicide. With an annual participation estimate of 1,000 individuals in our 10 Challenges to Service Mentorship Program, the cost per person amounts to $110. Similarly, our ASIST(Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) workshops, accommodating 20 participants in each session, incur a cost of $350 per person.

We acknowledge varying economic circumstances and encourage contributions that align with your financial capacity.

Gifts of all sizes are equally appreciated, as each is a reminder that Veterans and their families have not been forgotten.

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